2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Broadcast / 2013

2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards OAP Design
OnAir Schedule : 2013.11.22
Korean Broadcast : Mnet, tvN, OnStyle and 5CH.
Overseas Broadcast : Mnet (Japan, America)
Online Live Streaming : mwave.interest.me
Ceremony Location : Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo
Concept : Retro-futurism & Music Factory
Reference : Homage to Dieter rams


Design : Graphic Surgeon
Shoot : Mnet Brand Design Team


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Music makes one, Asia’s top music awards, the Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA launched in 1999 as the first and only Korean music video awards ceremony of its kind, under the name Mnet KM Music Festival. In 2009, ;Asian Wave;, 2010, One Asia, and in 2011, 2012, and now 2013, under the slogan Music Makes One, MAMA brings together people of different cultures and different languages, truly bringing all fans and musical artists together on one great stage. Asia’s largest-scale music awards ceremony, MAMA, aims to bring Asia’s music to the world, raising up to the global stage and giving international fans the opportunity to select the most beloved songs and artists of the year. MAMA is a place where K-Pop artists, Asian stars and international celebrities come together to create collabo stages you won’t see anywhere else. 2013 MAMA, the place where Music Makes One.