2013 Mnet 20’s Choice Acut

Broadcast / 2013

Project : 2013 Mnet 20’s Choice
Type : Broadcast Awards Design PKG
OnAir Schedule : 2013.07.18
Broadcast Station : Mnet(Korea,Japan,America,Asia)
Component : Teaser, Nominees Spot, VCR, Opener
Concept : Legend of 20s


Design : Graphic Surgeon
Sound : HanGyul Park


The retro 20’s Choice Design is a reflection of how those who were once in their 20s,
and those in their 20s today, have come together, overcoming generational gaps and time.

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Here come the <20’s Choice Awards>, Korea’s only summer awards ceremony that looks through the eyes of the 20s to uncover the year’s culture trends. The <20’s Choice Awards> is one of Mnet’s biggest ceremonies for the 20s, and has been grabbing attention with its unique awards and shocking performances for seven years in the running. Through the <20’s Choice – Legend of 20’s>, we aim to bring the world, as well as generations of youths, together through music.

Event Name / 2013 20’s Choice
Event Date and Time / 07.18.2013 (Thursday) 5 pm KST
Event Location / Kintex in Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Ilsan (Korea EXhibition Center)
Nomination / Actors and singers who have been active from the first week of August 2012 to the first week of June 2013. Online votes count for 50%, a 20s poll for 30% and judge scores for 20%.
The winner of the 20’s Mwave Global Star Award will be determined 100 percent by global fan’s votes.